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Expect a formal response to your enquiry within 3 business days

Expect a formal proposal/ quotation to your business request within 5 business days



1. Business development services

We have harnessed a wealth of information and contacts from our network to efficiently oversee all your business support needs.

Company registrations: We are well equipped and well-resourced at handling all your in country business registration and renewal requirements.

Prospecting for new investment markets. To establish new leads, we conduct a full overhaul of market trends and submit an analysis for your proposed product entry. We ensure proper verification and valuation checks for your perusal.

We organise B2B meetings and business trips to Ghana & Italy. We take off the burden to organise your business trip and business meeting needs so that you have time to concentrate on your product and service presentation. We provide assistance with conferencing, accommodation, event and logistics.




2. Increasing member’s network and net worthIncreasing member's network net worth

We continuously strive to add value to our member’s businesses. In light of this, IBAG members have first hand pick to all contracts and projects under our wing. Our members also receive exclusive and discounted marketing & publicity spaces on all our business platforms.




Translation Services

We bridge the language gap and provide authentic translation at a small fee.





Job Listings, Recruitment and HR Solutions Job listings and recrutement

We consult for all your human resource needs.



Office set up & logistics: From office space rental to interior decorations, we’ve got you covered.